Viper Comics Announces Worldwide Talent Search

Official Press Release

March 27, 2006 - Ever dreamed of having your work published? Are you an undiscovered artist/writer looking for your big break? Well look no further, because this Spring Viper Comics is announcing their very first talent competition.

"There are plenty of undiscovered, creative gems who have yet to be published and we hope this competition will bring a couple of them into the forefront," states Viper President Jessie Garza. "Every successful creator or artist was struggling to have their work seen at some point, so this is an invitation to all of those successful creators of the future."

Viper Comics will be accepting submissions for a 5-page short story in the noir, crime, or horror genre until April 28, 2006. The winning selection will be run as a back up feature in the first issue of A DUMMY'S GUIDE TO DANGER, a four-issue crime noir that is scheduled to hit shelves this July. All entries must be fully written, inked, and colored/shaded for consideration. Submissions received after the April 28th deadline will not be eligible for consideration.

"This is only the beginning," says Garza. "We are planning to have several more contests in the coming months for stories in a variety of genres, all of which will run in our upcoming books. This is a great opportunity for undiscovered talent to get that first foot in the door."

The winner of the Viper Comics talent search will be announced May 1, 2006.

Submissions should be sent to info@vipercomics.com no later than midnight on April 28, 2006.

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