Viper Comics and Josh Howard Put the Big in Bigfoot with the Release of "Sasquatch"

Official Press Release

Things are getting hairy this spring as Viper Comics releases Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch , an anthology of stories based on the elusive big-footed beast written and drawn by some of the top talent in the indie comic world.   Clocking in at a massive 256 pages, the highly anticipated Sasquatch features more than 20 tales of terror, fun, and fur.

In the Himalayas it's referred to as Yeti.   North America calls the creature Bigfoot.   Other cultures have labeled the elusive beast Mi-go, Kang Admi, or Chu-Teh, but no matter what name it's given, the humanoid legend has captivated imaginations for centuries.   Now Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch , a book as big as the creature itself, seeks to highlight the lore surrounding the missing link as more than 30 of the hottest indie creators give their take on the big, bad ape man, including David Hartman, Martin Abel, Courtney Huddleston, Jason M. Burns, Wes Molebash and MORE!

"Sasquatch has proven to be a gigantic undertaking for us as a publisher, but make no mistake, the creators have delivered as expected and the end result is nothing short of amazing," states Viper Comics President Jessie Garza.   "A legend of urban folklore, it's time for the world famous Bigfoot to finally step into the spotlight, and coming this April, fans of both the beast and good storytelling will find out why."

Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch will ship to stores in mid April, but be the first to see an exclusive look at the interior artwork by visiting:

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