'Violent Messiahs' returns in September

'Violent Messiahs' returns in September

Official Press Release

[Violent Messiahs]ORANGE, CA -- 22 May, 2002 -- Are you ready for the next chapter in theVIOLENT MESSIAHS saga? You'd better be -- Image Comics' macabre thriller isreturning this September with an all-new four-issue miniseries entitledVIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN.

Picking up a month after the events of the first miniseries, VIOLENTMESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN opens with the city in a social meltdown. Streetgangs prowl the night, riots break out constantly, and the mayor is talkingabout marshal law. Amidst all of this, Citizen Pain has disappeared fromRankor Island, and in his absence, a new vigilante is striking, leaving hervictims horribly mutilated with a single word carved into their corpses:Scalpel.

"Scalpel is a latex-dipped femme fatale who is sexually, emotionally andphysically obsessed with Citizen Pain," explains VIOLENT MESSIAHS writerJoshua Dysart. "We'll try our hardest to use the character as an honestexploration of the world of fixation, fetish, and S&M without disrupting thetraditional pulp narrative of the comic."

Accompanying Dysart's suspenseful storytelling once again is artist ToneRodriguez, whose wonderfully visceral art brought VIOLENT MESSIAHS sovividly to life during the first miniseries. Cover artist Travis Smith willalso be returning for VIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAINT, and his stunningphotomontage covers will be featured in rotation with covers by Rodriguez,as well as a surprise guest artist or two.

VIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN is a $2.95 color comic book available fororder in the July issue of PREVIEWS.

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