'Violent Messiahs' gets collected in July

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[Violent Messiahs]ORANGE, CA -- 3 April, 2002 -- The long wait is over for everyone who missedout on the early issues of VIOLENT MESSIAHS: a trade paperback of thegenre-bending cult hit is due out from Image Comics in July. VIOLENTMESSIAHS: THE BOOK OF JOB will collect all eight issues of the first series,making the entire story available again following the complete sellout ofthe first four issues.

An urban crime fantasy combining the themes and pacing of suspense novelistRamsey Campbell with the horror/fantasy of early Clive Barker and thesocio-religious sci-fi of Phillip K. Dick, VIOLENT MESSIAHS: THE BOOK OF JOBtells the story of a poetic serial killer, an unforgiving vigilante calledCitizen Pain and Cheri Major, a fiercely independent police detectiveassigned to bring both killers down.

Conceived by Joshua Dysart and William O'Neill, the grisly world of VIOLENTMESSIAHS: THE BOOK OF JOB is brought vividly to life through the chillingstorytelling of writer Dysart, the Russ Manning Award-nominated artwork ofpenciler Tone Rodriguez and the stunning computer art of colorist/coverartist Travis Smith.

Described by some as "Beauty and the Beast meets Frankenstein" in a filmnoir setting, VIOLENT MESSIAHS is driven by a very dark poetic sense thatDysart isn't seeking to downplay. "The reality is that I love the twostories," Dysart admits. "I think they pretty much run the gamut of humanemotion. Citizen Pain is a combination of the Beast, who is completelyincapable of being loved, even though his soul is quite beautiful, andFrankenstein's monster, who is basically similar in theme."

As would be expected from a tale that can only be described as atheological, sci-fi love story about criminal politics, the nature ofviolence and man's search for individuality, however, there are a number ofdifferences between VIOLENT MESSIAHS and the works at the base of Dysart'sinspiration, but Dysart is quick to point out the themes of the story arefairly universal.

"I also draw from a sense of solitude and loneliness, all the stuff peoplego through," he explains. "All those times in your life when you've feltreally lonely and no one was there for you. That's the energy I take and putinto VIOLENT MESSIAHS--everyone is somewhat lost, lonely and scared."

Set for a July release, the 224-page VIOLENT MESSIAHS: THE BOOK OF JOB willbe available for order in the May issue of PREVIEWS. The trade will featurea new cover by Smith, as well as numerous extras, including rare artwork andsketches by Rodriguez and a gallery of variant covers by Andy Park and Ed McGuinness.

A new VIOLENT MESSIAHS series, VIOLENT MESSIAHS: LAMENTING PAIN, iscurrently scheduled to debut in September.

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