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‘Violence is a Symphony’ to “Suicide Squad’s” Joker, Says Jared Leto

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‘Violence is a Symphony’ to “Suicide Squad’s” Joker, Says Jared Leto

When Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad” hits theaters this summer, Jared Leto will bring the Joker back to the big screen. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leto discussed how he developed his take on the Joker, David Ayer’s “specific ideas” for the character’s look and more.

“The Joker is fantastic because there are no rules,” he shared. “The Joker operates from instinct.”

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“To the Joker, violence is a symphony,” he continued. “This is someone who gets an extreme reward from the act of violence and manipulation. Those are the songs he sings and he is very in tune with what makes people tick. I did meet with people that were experts, doctors, psychiatrists that dealt with psychopaths and people who had committed horrendous crimes, and then I spent some time with those people themselves, people who have been institutionalized for great periods of time.”

“I think the Joker lives in between reality and another plane. Kind of a shaman in a way. It’s a very intoxicating role to take on. You have permission to break rules and to challenge yourself and anyone around you in a really unique way,” he shared. “For me, I knew once I had gone through the process of educating myself, I had to throw everything away and start from the beginning and really build this from the ground up. It was a transformative process. There was a physical transformation. There was a physical conditioning.”

As to the Joker’s infamous new look, Leto revealed, “[Director] David [Ayer] had some very specific ideas. As far as the look of the Joker, it was a collaborative process. There were things I brought to the table and things David brought to the table and it was a mashup of both of our sick and twisted minds. There were specific things that he liked and wanted and I was there to help bring them to life in the best way I could.”

“You know, David was specific with tattoos. They were his idea but there was a lot to play with,” he added.

“Suicide Squad,” based on the DC Comics team and starring Jared Leto as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and Adam Beach as Slipknot, is scheduled for release on Aug. 5, 2016.

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