Vintage photos become colorful superhero art

You could say that Los Angeles artist Alex Gross has a superpower all his own. He possesses the ability to transform stodgy, old black-and-white photos into colorful pop0culture icons. The likes of the "Star Trek's" Christopher Pikem DC Comics' Bizarro and even Flynn from 1982's "Tron" have all graced Gross' repurposed photographs.

His love of days gone by inspired him to create the pop-culture masterpieces. "I absolutely love old photos and vintage pictures," he told Vivianite. "The Victorian Era is the time when I would have liked to live." An avid collector of "cabinet cards" -- a thin paper photograph mounted on a 4.5-inch by 6.5-inch piece of cardboard popular in the 1870s -- Gross takes the single-shot portraits and transforms them in to pop culture icons.

Check out more of his work at The Art of Alex Gross.

(via So Bad So Good)

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