Vin Diesel Wants Justin Lin Back for Another 'Fast & Furious' Movie

Vin Diesel says he'd like to see director Justin Lin ("Fast Five") return to the franchise he helped turn into a box office juggernaut.

"I’m going to bring [Justin Lin] back," Diesel told Wired in a piece on Lin. "Whenever we had a day off—even on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday—it was Justin and me working on how far we could take it. Success comes from 10 years of that mentality."

Lin, who reportedly "...works Thanksgivings because he’s thankful that his father only ever took that one day off," added, "Vin says you finish what you started...and he’s very persuasive."

According to a Universal exec, when Lin joined the series with "Tokyo Drift," the franchise wasn't doing so hot. "The franchise was at a point where we were talking about going direct to video," Jeff Kirschenbaum told the site.

As Lin continued to direct films in the franchise, the series saw steady growth at the box office: from $158 million ("Tokyo Drift") to $363 million ("Fast & Furious), then $626 million ("Fast Five") to $789 million ("Fast & Furious 6") -- eventually hitting $1.52 billion with "Furious 7," which was directed by James Wan ("The Conjuring").

The Lin-directed "Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on June 23, 2016, while the next installment in the "Fast & Furious" franchise -- titled, "Fast 8" -- rolls into theaters on April 14, 2017.

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