Vin Diesel is 2017's Top-Grossing Actor

Vin Diesel is the top-grossing actor of 2017, meaning that the worldwide box office haul of the two films he starred in this year amounted to a staggering $1.6 billion. Diesel owes that accolade largely to The Fate of the Furious, which made $1.2 billion across the domestic and foreign film markets.

The popularity of The Fate of the Furious might come as a surprise to some moviegoers. The film only made $225 million at the domestic box office. The remaining billion comes from the foreign box office, with China contributing $392 million to the action film’s success.

The actor’s annual gross was tabulated by Forbes, which labeled Dwayne Johnson as the second-highest grossing actor for the year at $1.5 billion. Johnson also starred in The Fate of the Furious, but his other cinematic major outing, Baywatch, flopped. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has only been out for a week now, so there’s little chance the film will help the actor to surpass Diesel’s earnings.

Diesel’s involvement in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the voice of Baby Groot was not counted, as only live-action films in which the actors played a starring role were up for consideration. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage helped to round out Diesel’s numbers. The film made a respectable $346 million worldwide, with China contributing more than half of the film’s foreign earnings.

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