Village Voice Media suspends This Modern World, other comics

Village Voice Media, which owns 15 alternative weeklies from New York City to Dallas to Los Angeles, has suspended publication of its syndicated cartoons, including This Modern World.

On his blog, Tom Tomorrow (aka cartoonist Dan Perkins) writes that the belt-tightening move will last at least through the first quarter of the year, "and quite possibly beyond."

"This still leaves me with eighty-odd papers, as well as Salon and Credo, so it’s not a fatal blow," he writes. "And believe me, I wasn’t so naive as to imagine I was going to get through this economic mess without taking some hits. Nonetheless it’s a serious chunk of major cities to lose in one fell swoop (don’t get me started on the joys of consolidation this morning)."

It's been a while since I last saw a VVM-owned paper, so I'm not sure what other comics the chain carries.

The company's publications include The Village Voice, the three New Times papers, Seattle Weekly, and LA Weekly.

The Minnesota Independent has a little more information, focusing on the Minneapolis City Pages.

(via The Media Is Dying)

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