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Even with all of their record breaking films and great characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was missing something for the longest time. A certain arachnid teenager who knows something about power...


10 Famous People Too Ugly for Hollywood

Hollywood can be brutal when it comes to critiquing celebrities, and before becoming household names, many celebs were told they just weren’t good enough to make it in the industry. Here are a few fam...


10 Actors Who Took It Too Far On Set

Metaphorically it takes blood and guts to perform certain roles in blockbuster films but sometimes that blood and guts are actually required. Some of your favorite actors in some awesome films have hu...


10 Actors Who Refused Disney Princess Roles

Every young girl dreams of growing up and becoming a Disney Princess. These royal characters wear beautiful gowns, have perfect hair and makeup, and their story always has a fairy tale ending. But for...


10 Proofs That All Pixar Movies Are Related

It’s amazing what you notice when you keep your eyes peeled, like these 10 proofs that all Pixar movies are related. From particular vehicles, toys and phrases that show up in almost all Pixar films t...


10 of the Worst Movie Castings Ever

Good writing and a great storyline can only carry a film so far. When it comes to a movie being labeled a box office hit, the casting plays a large role in how well the film performs. Sometimes, casti...


10 Movie Parodies That Slipped Right By You

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? Well if that’s true, where does that leave parody? Sometimes parodies can be well received and a lot of fun and other times they ar...


10 Bloopers Comedy Actors Did On Purpose

There’s a lot of planning that goes in to making a movie. It relies upon cooperation between dozens of different departments, which can sometimes mean hundreds of people. And despite having a daily ca...

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