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10 MCU Bloopers We Could Watch Over And Over

When it comes to Marvel films, there is never enough footage for the audiences to consume. They are a never ending, bottomless pit for Marvel Cinematic Universe footage. This is why their bloopers go ...


10 Superheroes Who Destroyed Their Own Parents

Superheroes often have tragedies happen to them. But their ability to keep moving forward is one of the many qualities that we admire in our heroes. So where do these heroes come from and how did they...


10 Carnage Secrets That The MCU Will Never Show

Carnage has proven to be one of Spider-Man’s deadliest opponents. His introduction into the comic book universe was a game changer. The appearance of Carnage also changes the way a supervillain coul...


10 Superhero Films That Showed The Most Skin

Superhero films are known for a few things. Whether it’s amazing action set pieces, lovable characters or inspiring moments of heroism, there’s a lot to look forward to in these films. But there are a...


10 Dragon Ball Z Villains That Belong In The DCEU

Who loves crossovers? We love crossovers! While there’s no way it’ll happen, we got to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if the DCEU crossed over with the villains from Dragon Ball Z? Think about it. The ...


10 Useless Superpowers Thor Has

Thor is one of Marvel’s most powerful beings, whether it’s on the page of the comic books or in the MCU on the big screen. But despite all his power, he does have some useless superpowers under his ca...

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