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10 Lies You Were Told About Wonder Woman

Hollywood is good. In fact, let’s put all the cards on the table; they’re excellent. For whatever reason, though, we can’t help but pick their brains regarding whatever the most true and original stor...


10 Powers You Didn't Know The Joker Had

Why so serious? Don’t worry, we’ve got something to make you smile. When it comes to villains, there is no one more infamous than the villain that goes toe to toe with the caped crusader. Who are we t...


10 Awkward Voice Overs Caught In Video Games

We live in a golden age of Video Games; and not just because or the fantastic graphical capabilities of modern consoles or the ability to tell amazing story unlike any other medium. The true gold lie...


10 Lies You Were Told About Nintendo Princesses

You probably grew up thinking that there wasn’t much substance to a Nintendo princess but that might change after this video. We’re here to tell you that the modern-day princess you used to know is go...


10 Pokemon That Are Actually Unbeatable

Don’t let the cute and colorful characters fool you – Pokémon battling is one of the most complex, nuanced eSports in existence. It’s like an enormous game of chess, where players have over seven hund...


10 Video Game Cheats That Make Hard Games Easy

This video is not for the faint of heart, but if you grew up playing games that took years off of your life and sometimes left you crying in the corner you may be able to handle this. It all started w...


10 Things Only NOOB Gamers Will Understand

This video should make NOOBs feel right at home because if you don’t understand this then no one else will! Although we’ve all been in your shoes before as much as we hate to admit it. There’s nothing...


10 Craziest Dragon Ball Z Fan Theories

Dragon Ball has been on the scene since 1984, and since then fans have fallen in love with the series. From its humble beginnings as a manga, to its transition to anime, and to its multiple theatrical...

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