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Amazing Easter Eggs in Deadpool (Ending Explained)


He’s lewd, rude and one violent dude: he’s Deadpool. And judging by his film’s ginormous box office haul, odds are you saw him cut people up while cutting them down on the big screen. Despite being an R-rated film starring a character that many moviegoers had never met, “Deadpool” became one of the most successful comic book films of all time. After grossing over $750 million dollars worldwide, Fox’s risk paid off. “Deadpool” the film got a happy ending — and Deadpool the character got one as well.

But there’s more to “Deadpool’s” ending than meets the eye, and there may be a few things you missed — especially if this was your first rodeo with the man in red and black. Here’s everything you need to know about “Deadpool’s” ending.