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The referees in the WWE are supposed to call things right down the middle. Obviously things can get a little emotional when it comes to handling wrestlers in the ring. If a referee is pushed over the limit, they may decide to fight back and stand up against WWE Superstars. There have been multiple occasions where referees decided to fight back and get a few good shots in.

The Miz can be extremely annoying and a majority of the WWE locker room would love to punch him in the face. A referee got to do exactly that at the 2011 Night of Champions pay per view. In 1999, a group of WWE referees went on strike, except for one. The other refs became upset and led a charge against him. Some referees have even been involved in matches. Scott Armstrong took on CM Punk in a one-on-one match on Smackdown. Degeneration-X was one of the most powerful groups in the WWE, but they were all knocked out by a referee during a WWE house show one night. At another house show, the Big Show passed out in the ring. Unable to revive him, a referee decided to try and pin the big monster in the center of the ring. At the WWE Invasion pay per view, the WCW ring crew took on the WWE ring crew in an epic battle for referee dominance. Other instances of craziness includes a referee teaming up with the Rock, Earl Hebner attacking Shane McMahon, and Brad Maddox making his WWE debut in the Hell in a Cell.