10 Things You Didn't Know About Black Panther's Suit


The Black Panther has triumphed on the big screen bringing the co-star of Captain America: Civil War on the forefront of his own solo film. There’s no denying that Black Panther costume stole the show in the movie, but the high-tech suit may have more details than meets the eye. Learn how the suit works, how T’Challa is able to make the most of its powers, and some comic-book powers that have yet to be revealed on the big screen.

Black Panther has some great strength and powers, but his ability to defy gravity is in part thanks to the suit’s energy field boots. T’Challa is not just limited to Earth and Wakanda thanks to the space travel Black Panther suit the character wears for multiple issues in space. The suit itself is not something Black Panther brings to the dry cleaners as T’Challa has the ability to manifest the suit over his body. If you thought Iron Man’s Hulkbuster was awesome, then you have to check out Black Panther’s version of the crazy large suit. T’Challa and his father are not the only characters to don the Black Panther costume. His sister, Shuri had an extended run as the Black Panther in the comics. The claws on the suit are not just for looks, they can cut through any metal thanks to a material known as Anti-Metal or antarctic vibranium. Light glares and dark areas are limited thanks to the advanced eye visuals found in the suit design. Watch to see all of these facts and several others to learn things you DIDN’T know about Black Panther’s suit!