10 Things Marvel's Infinity War Movie Already Got Right


There's only a short amount of time to wait now until Avengers: Infinity War hits movie theatres around the world - and, quite frankly, we couldn't be more excited about it!

The epic Marvel Studios offering will bring together every single hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order for them to combat Thanos, as the Mad Titan and his allies aim to gather the six powerful Infinity Stones and place them in the Infinity Gauntlet for the purple-faced villain to wear.

It's probably fair to assume that, commercially, the movie's going to be a huge success - but we can't be sure just yet if it'll live up to expectations critically.

Having said that, what we do already know is that it's got a number of things right - and that's what this video is all about!

Here's what we know Avengers: Infinity War already got right; the build-up in previous movies (plots, Easter eggs etc), the marketing and trailers, behind-the-scenes stuff (such as the directors and the music), the fact that it's got so many awesome Marvel superheroes in it, the fact that it's got an absolutely awesome villain, the fact that a lot of it is set in Wakanda (and it can take advantage of Black Panther's success as a result), the scale of the movie, the stakes in the movie are higher than ever, the fact that some heroes will die, and the fact that timing of the movie is perfect.

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