10 Superheroes Who Destroyed Their Own Parents


Superheroes often have tragedies happen to them. But their ability to keep moving forward is one of the many qualities that we admire in our heroes. So where do these heroes come from and how did they become super? Most of the time when we want to find out where we came from, we look to our parents. Superheroes have parents to, albeit sometimes not conventional ones but parents nonetheless. But parents aren’t always perfect, and neither are their kids, no matter how super they are. Sometimes their relationships can be tumultuous and result in tragedy. We have compiled a list of superheroes who have offed their parents in one way or another, whether intentional or not. Deadpool’s origin story has changed a lot, but in one instance he encounters his father as a stranger in a bar. He is commissioned by the Butler, who has mind control over him, to set fire to his parents house while they sleep. One of the most famous cases of this is Spider-Man. Peter’s selfishness led him to let a thief go, and this same thief is the guy who shot Uncle Ben. Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk also offed his father after years of abuse and watching him kill his mom. In a scuffle at a graveyard, Bruce chucked him clear across and he hit his head on his mom’s tomb stone and perished. Want to know who else made our list? Be sure to watch our video and find out.