10 Superheroes That Might Not Last In Avengers Infinity War


Marvel is about to unleash the Infinity War upon us and we can’t wait. This is going to be epic and there will be lots of deaths. Hopefully. Some of them will be surprises and some we will have seen coming.

Iron Man is one of those characters we are expecting to see kick the can. For one Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t want to play Iron Man anymore. He cites he wants to get out before it becomes an embarrassment him playing Iron Man. Second, it would be a kick ass story plot to drive several other superheroes character developments.

Captain America is one we would have a love hate relationship with. Yes, the cap is all about wanting to serve the greater good, especially when it comes to planet earth and protecting everyone. But, we will miss him dearly. He is one of the greatest redeeming qualities of the entire MCU franchise. On top of that Chris Evans who plays Captain America wants to do other projects. He never expected Captain America to devour all his free time.

Vision is most certainly a goner. There ain’t two ways about it. It’s simple math. Thanos needs all six infinity stones. Vision has an infinity stone in his head. You do the math.

Thor is one of the characters which no one is expecting to die but most likely will end up dying. He is just flat out far too powerful and would be a perfect way out for Marvel to remove this almighty being.

There are so many more surprises and characters you never thought would be killed off. Check out the rest of the video. Thank you for reading and watching the video.