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10 Superhero Sidekicks You Won’t Believe!


Working alone can be a drag! No one to crack stupid jokes to or fetch you a coffee. But does the same hold for superhero’s? I imagine if you’re Razorback, you’re superpower of being able to drive any vehicle precludes the need of a Chauffeur. Or Dogwelder who welds DEAD DOGS onto the face of evildoers! I’d say that he’s full up on “man’s best friend”. But the buddy system works well enough for the bulk of superheroes. Which sometimes begs the question, what kind of vetting system do these heroes use when they’re hiring. Find out in our 10 Superhero Sidekicks You Won’t Believe! Enjoy this video and be sure to subscribe to CBR and join the notification squad to stay up to date with all of our latest videos.