10 Spider Sense Secrets That Spiderman Doesn't Want You To Know


Spider-Man does whatever a spider can, which makes sense since his namesake and powers are derived from the arachnids. But there is one ability that is not consistent with that of a spider. If you were thinking his spider-sense, you are right, if you weren’t...well, thanks for playing.

“My spider-sense is tingling” is a phrase we all heard when we watched the cartoon. And we could visibly see his spider-sense tingle with squiggly lines on top of his head, or some other way. But did you know that this is his most inconsistent power? In Spider-Man history, artists and writers have mostly agreed and followed some sort of rule book for each of his powers. Except for of course the spider-sense. It pretty much works for the artists however they want to depict it. That goes for movie versions too. There’s a scene in Spider-man 3 where Harry Osborn sneak attacks Peter. The filmmakers disregarded his spider-sense for the sake of the story. We need consistency people, come one now. He also loses the ability. One instance was caused by a gas the Green Goblin developed. Which allowed him to follow Spider-man and see him change out of his costume into Peter Parker. And that had repercussions for a long time. He also let’s it take control of his body and move him out of harm’s way. Pretty cool right?

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