10 Most Powerful Heroes Thanos Has Beaten


If you thought Loki or Ultron presented a problem to the Avengers, then you have no clue what’s about to happen when Thanos makes his arrival on Earth. The classic Marvel villain is one of the most powerful to ever take on heroes and there has been dozens of times he killed superheroes through the years. If you think your favorite hero is safe in Avengers: Infinity War, think again. Thanos spares no one and has the ability to kill every one of the Marvel heroes he comes across.

Through the years and in the pages of Marvel comics, Thanos has killed Captain America. He made it look easy while he did it. Vision is one of the most powerful Avengers, but Thanos killed him off worse than a blue screen of death computer virus. The mighty Thor challenged Thanos and was smashed to literal bits and pieces because of the actions Thanos took. Wolverine is as tough as they come, but even Logan crumbled at the hands of Thanos thanks to the manipulation of Wolverine’s Adamantium. Poor She-Hulk has fallen at the hands of Thanos on multiple occasions and each death was slow and painful. Cyclops was trapped by Thanos in a mechanism that turned his own powers against him. Star Lord sacrificed himself to try and kill Thanos in a huge battle involving other heroes like Nova and Rocket Raccoon. Deadpool may not be so quick to join the MCU after the way Thanos squashed him in the comics. Watch to see these crazy deaths and the brutal way Thanos delivered them over the years.