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10 Minecraft Records That Will NEVER Be Beaten


In this video, we explore 10 Minecraft Records that will never be beaten. We take a look at all of the hardest records that were set in recent years and bring you the ones we think will never be broken.
First off, let’s take a moment to admire the fact that Minecraft has sold over 60,000,000 copies since its debut. That number has risen and is a record that will never, that’s right, never, be broken any time soon.
From there we begin taking a look at the building records. We look at the longest tunnel ever built which used over 10,000 blocks. The next record has been in the making since 2011. We look at one American player who’s been walking in the same direction for thousands of miles.
Shifting momentarily from the gameplay, we look at the Minecraft YouTube channel with the most views overall. That record will definitely not be broken any time soon.
Next we look at the largest Pyramid ever built. This was a 1:1 Giza Pyramid recreation. This feat won a nice Guinness World Record the creators should be proud about. From there we look at the record for the longest bridge. The bridges in Minecraft are truly impressive.
Did you know that fans make mock movies about their favorite video games? We didn’t either, but this one for Minecraft has a record for most views of any game. From there we look at the record for the largest conventions. This particular record was for the largest gathering of Minecraft Steves.
Lastly, we look at two open challenges. The first is to build a Minecraft track in 3 minutes, but there’s a twist, and the second is to build all 10 tools the fastest. Sounds easy enough, right?