10 Marvel Projects That Fans Want To See


Marvel fans have so much good content to look forward to in the future. Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok and Captain Marvel, there’s tons to get excited for. But even with a whole bunch of projects in active development, fans are always looking towards the future and of what could be made. And why not, it’s fun to theorize after all! Like how awesome would it be that Venom’s main antagonist ends up being Carnage in his solo movie due in 2018? Sign us up! We’d also love to see Parker and Miles Morales eventually team up. We’d also like Fantastic Four to take another crack at it on the big screen but give us a Silver Surfer that’s worthy of the title and legacy. Speaking of Legacy, can Fox somehow get a House of M feature film off the ground? We’d be ever so grateful! But it doesn’t all have to be brand names, Guardians of the Galaxy after all was extremely obscure and look at it now. Why not make an extremely stylish Moon Knight film? That would really stand out. Don’t forget that Marvel just doesn’t make superhero comics, they also publish Star Wars, so why not let comic book exclusive characters like Dr. Aphra make the transition to the big screen? We love cross media characters! Going back to the Spider Man universe for a second though, with Tom Holland now beloved as the web slinger, can we get Kraven’s Last Hunt as a possible narrative arc soon? We’d be ever so grateful! Captain America might have competition if Captain Britain ever gets made, maybe he’ll bring Guardian along? Lastly, how awesome would it be to have an animated X-Men vs. Avengers film? Please and thank you!