10 Marvel Phase 4 Theories You Need To Know About


Marvel Phase 3 in the MCU isn’t even done and yet fans are eager to learn whatever they can from Phase 4. While there isn’t much out there right now, we did some digging and found some likely candidates that could hit the big screen after the fourth Avengers film. For instance, could the new Avengers and the Secret Avengers go at it after the Thanos conflict? Or would Secret Wars be our new Avengers arc? We’re pretty certain Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 is going to happen by 2020 but what about a spin off film, starring Nova perhaps? We’d be okay with that! In the Infinity War though, chances are someone’s going to bite the dust, our money is sadly on Captain America. If that does happen though, chances are his buddy Bucky Barnes will pick up the shield and continue the tradition we think. Spider Man Homecoming 2 will for sure be happening, but will he ever share the big screen with his frenemy Venom? We hope so! Stan Lee recently hinted that the Fantastic Four and X Men might end up back at Marvel, it’s what he wants it seems so maybe we’ll see reboots of at least one of them in the near future, likely the Fantastic Four we’d wager. Then there’s the case of Blade, who unlike Daredevil, Punisher and Ghost Rider, has yet to get his own spot in the MCU. We can only imagine that’s happening sooner rather than later.