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10 Funny Disney Characters That Have Bad Influences On Kids


The very thought of Disney World conjures up a warm and welcoming feeling where everything is pure joy and happiness. The word itself has become an integral part of our western culture as to what it means to be moral and wholesome. As we all know, there are things in all institutions that have their fair share of bad apples and Disney seems to put things that can have bad “influences,” to say the least, as much ss any other. It may not at all be their intention, and we would certainly doubt that it would be, however there must be someone out there willing to expose what could be a toxic character for a young boy or girl to idolize. All the generations who have adored Disney characters may actually be receiving a negative message overall. You may ask yourself, “How can that be?” Well, under the microscope we can see many displays of behavior that could very much be responsible for some of the wild behavior young adults display sometimes. From the sweet princesses of Ariel and Snow white to the lovable Puumba, we have found that these characters, albeit admired by so many, could possibly be putting the wrong message into our children’s heads. For those of us Moana fans, we remember Hei Hei and his behavior, he really does put the phrase bird brain to good use doesn’t he? Ranging from sloth, ignorance, disobedience, and even thievery, the characters we have chose to identify in this segment are all guilty of such dirty deeds for which they have been accused. Are we suggesting that we should stop watching all Disney films? Absolutely not. It is fun, however, to see things in a completely different light as opposed to what we’re used to seeing, especially in Disney. Let’s dig in.