VIDEO: Times Anime Was Censored For America

A lot of anime gets edited or censored before airing in America. Sometimes there are good reasons for these changes, but other times those alterations are shocking and/or confusing. In some cases, these changes resulted in shows that were quite a far cry from the original version.

Pokemon is a prime example of making changes to the original anime. For example, a lot of sexual content related to Misty was taken out altogether. There's also the infamous example of Brock, Ash and Misty referring to what are obviously rice balls as jelly doughnuts. Dragon Ball also underwent a lot of changes that saw some of violence and blood from its fight scenes removed or toned down. There's also the time that Goku fell off Snake Way and into a place called the Home for Infinite Losers, which was meant to be a way of toning down the idea of Hell.

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There are a lot more examples than this, and some of these changes are just straight up baffling. The English versions of many of these anime differed greatly from what Japanese audiences saw, so prepare yourself to find out the truth about your childhood favorite animes. Check out the video below for more time anime was changed and censored for America.

An entire video could probably be made around the changes made to One Piece. The English dub seemed to want to avoid anything that might have had even a minor chance of proving controversial. This explains Fullbody's knowledge of grape juice vintages, Sanji's lollipop addiction and changes made to dangerous weapons, meaning that characters were using water guns and shovels. There were also changes made to the skin tones of characters in order to avoid claims of racism.

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