VIDEO: Could Super Skrull Be Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Super Skrull

Captain Marvel will introduce the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Skrulls, a race of alien shapeshifters. They're responsible for some of the deadliest events in the comics, and the race is definitely not one to be trifled with. Bringing the Skrulls to the MCU also means that there's a chance that one of the deadliest and most important villains in the comics might just make his debut: Super Skrull.

Super Skrulls are those who possess the powers of different superheroes. The Super Skrull we're thinking of is named Kl'rt, who possesses the powers of the Fantastic Four. Of course, it wouldn't make much sense to bring Super Skrull in before Marvel's First Family, so they would almost certainly have to be introduced first. Since Marvel Studios is likely going to be able to use those character soon, it's entirely possible that he'll either play a role in that movie or in a related film. It's also totally possible that Super Skrull makes his debut before the Fantastic Four as a way of setting them and their powers up, though that would likely only be in a cameo role.

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Check out the video below for more information on how Super Skrull might join the MCU.

Bringing Super Skrull in would certainly set the stage for an adaptation of the Annihilation event, which he played an integral role in. This might mean that the introduction of Super Skrull could also result in such characters as Nova/Richard Rider playing a bigger role in the MCU. Plus, Annihilus is a pretty deadly foe, and it would be certainly exciting to see how his nefarious plans play out on the big screen. He might even end up being the villain of the next big event, since Annihilation did set the stage for several other important events that came later.

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