VIDEO: This is the Strangest Rule Disney Makes MCU Actors Follow

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest franchises in the world, there's a lot of effort Marvel Studios and Disney go through to make sure things work as well as possible. That's resulted in a lot of rules. Some make a ton of sense, though are actually kind of strange when you stop to think about them. We've compiled a list of the fifteen strangest rules Disney makes Marvel actors follow.

One of the most important rules an MCU actor has to follow has to do with hitting the gym. Getting into shape, although difficult, isn't even the most difficult part. Chris Pratt has been quite honest about how difficult getting into shape was. They then have to stay in shape for their films. However, they also have to actually learn martial arts to play their characters, when applicable. The actual schedules most have to adhere to are immensely rigid.

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Check out the video below for more strange rules Disney makes Marvel actors follow.

There are a lot of reasons some of these rules are in place, especially when it comes to protecting the secrecy surrounding films. As the MCU moves forward, there are sure to be more new rules for actors added to lists like this, as Disney definitely takes steps to protect its image. Plus, there's always a chance something might happen that might necessitate the House of Mouse adding a new set of rules.

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