Video Previews of "Heroes" 1/29 Episode - "The Fix"

With Monday's episode scoring well in the ratings, the second half of "Heroes" first season got off to a roaring start. In an episode that saw an appearance from preety much every character featured on the show thus far, lots of new developments came to light and the name "Linderman" loomed heavy. Clearly, the freight train that is "Heroes" has no intention of slowing down and audience interest is high. What will happen next?

Well, to answer that question properly you'll need to watch the show Monday nights on NBC, but in the meantime we can hold you over with a video sneak preview of the January 29th episode "The Fix," which sees an appearance by George Takei as Hiro's father.

The excitement doesn't stop there either. In case you missed the sneak peak during NBC's "Deal or No Deal," we now have video of the new heroine, Hana Gitleman, played by Stana Katic. This short preview shows you a bit about her powers - apparently she can intercept wireless and satellite signals, or as Ted Sprague says to her in the scene, "So, you can just pull e-mail out of your head?" Yup!

To watch these video snippets, simply click the links below. You'll need the Flash player to view these videos.

For more from "The Fix," don't miss these still images released earlier this week.

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