VIDEO: These Pokemon Theories Are Absolutely Insane

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world, so its no surprise that a lot of fan theories have sprung up around it. Although a number of those fan theories are pretty great, a lot of them are, well, stretching it. In a new video, we're going to look at some of the most outrageous fan theories surrounding Pokemon.

We're not just talking about the rather bizarre theory that series protagonist Ash Ketchum is actually in a coma in this one, either. No, we're addressing some of the weirdest fan theories that we could find. Not all of these make a lot of sense, but there's some evidence for these theories, as we're not just choosing fan theories where people are clearly making things up.

One of these theories is going to cover what actually happens when a Pokemon gets put into a Pokeball. We're also going to be talking about Hau in Pokemon Sun and Moon, as some fan theories posit that he's not actually your rival in the traditional sense.

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Check out the video below for a list of the ten most outrageous Pokemon fan theories.

The first Pokemon games -- Red and Green -- debuted in 1996, followed later by Blue. When brought to the West, Green was replaced by Blue. Since then, the franchise has spawned many different films, anime and toys, earning over $90 billion in the process and become the highest-grossing media franchise of all-time. The upcoming Detective Pikachu film will be the first American live-action movie in the franchise, and there are reports that Warner Bros. is already planning a sequel to that film and a spinoff movie based on Pokemon Red and Blue.

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