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One-Punch Man: The Resistance ofthe Strong

As a satire of a lot of different shonen anime, One-Punch Man has had some pretty outrageous moments that have pushed boundaries of both the genre and good taste. Some of those instances took things way too far, and we've compiled a list of them.

We're starting out with Ball-Chinned Kid, who was introduced in the very first episode of the series. He's certainly earned his name, but he's also pretty important to the series. He's the child Saitama saves from a giant crab three years prior to the events of the series. This is what ends up inspiring Saitama to become a hero in the first place, but it's Ball-Chinned Kid's grandfather who goes on to found the Hero Association. Meaning a ton of the show actually relies on the character.

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The next instance of One-Punch Man taking things too far is when Saitama meets the kelp creature Kombu Infinity. After remembering he forgot to buy soup stock, Saitama defeats the monster and then uses its body to make a soup. The manga makes clear Kombu Infinity survived, but the anime doesn't, painting a pretty gross picture of the anime's title hero.

Check out the video below for more moments One-Punch Man went too far, culminating in a moment you might be able to predict, though we'll give you a hint: It involves Suiryu.

One-Punch Man follows Saitama, who is capable of defeating all of his opponents in a single swing. The series sees him searching for a worthy opponent and features a lot of high-octane action. One-Punch Man features a lot of different superheroes with different powerful abilities.

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