VIDEO: This is One-Punch Man's Funniest Moment

In addition to intense action, One-Punch Man features some pretty funny moments in how it parodies and lampoons shonen anime/manga. That humor is probably the best part of the show, and we've ranked some of the funniest moments in the series in a new list.

We're starting out with the Brain and Brawn Brothers, with the latter having created a steroid to turn the latter into something straight out of Attack on Titan. Together they terrorized B-City. When Saitama lands on Brawn's shoulder, he mistakes his right from his left and swats his Brain. The action is brutal, but absolutely hilarious.

Another hilarious moment sees Saitama, dreaming, fighting against enemies (the Subterraneans) who can actually stand toe-to-toe with him. However, when the group actually shows up in the real world, the titular one-punch man is able to easily best them, resulting in a lot of disappointment. The Subterraneans lift a flag signalling their retreat in a hilarious move that really underscores just how frustrated Saitama is with his inability to find a worthy opponent.

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Check out the video of the funniest moments in One-Punch Man below to find out which joke left us rolling on the floor laughing.

Initially released as a web comic, One-Punch Man was created by ONE in 2009. The series follows Saitama, the titular one-punch man, as he searches for a worthy opponent, finding he's completely overpowered. The series went viral and was given a remake illustrated by Murata and appearing in Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump. The manga is licensed by Viz Media in English. One-Punch Man Season 1 debuted in Japan in 2015, with a dub following the next year. Season 2 is airing now on Hulu.

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Produced by J.C. Staff, new episodes of One-Punch Man debut every Tuesday on Hulu.

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