VIDEO: What Nobody Realized About My Hero Academia's All Might

My Hero Academia features some of the most powerful heroes in the entire Shonen genre. However, the top-ranked hero, All Might, is insanely strong, dwarfing nearly everyone else in the My Hero Academia universe. There's a lot you might not know about All Might, whose real name is Toshinori Yagi. Don't worry, though. We've got you covered with a new video explaining what you might not have known about All Might.

All Might wasn't born being the greatest hero in My Hero Academia. Instead, he was a Quirkless kid, who was later given the One For All Quirk, much like series protagonist Izuku Midoriya. All Might was born right as the crime rate was rising, and All For One was growing in power. The young hero stepped up to the challenge and became a beacon of hope for the world. He did this despite of a lot of tragedy, including what happened to his mentor: Nana Shimura, who died fighting All For One and sacrificing herself so Toshinori -- with the help of Gran Torino -- could escape.

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Check out the video below for more of what you might not have realized about All Might in My Hero Academia, as there really is a lot.

My Hero Academia has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2014, and there are over 230 chapters available. The series proved so popular that it inspired a spinoff, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, and has spawned one tie-in movie, with another on the way. Legendary Entertainment also has the rights to a live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia, so that might show up in theaters sooner rather than later.

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My Hero Academia Season 4 will start airing October 12.

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