VIDEO: What Nobody Realized About Marvel's Grandmaster

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First appearing in the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Grandmaster played a major role in Thor: Ragnarok. Jeff Goldblum's performance as the character earned accolades from critics and fans alike. However, Ragnarok didn't reveal much about the organizer of the Contest of Champions.

Also known as En Dwi Gast, the character has his origins in the dawning of the universe and is one of the Elders of the Universe. No one is quite sure how he and the other Elders of the Universe came into being, but two other members of the group have been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Collector and Ego the Living Planet.

The version of the character appearing in Ragnarok differs from his comics counterpart in one major way: he's not blue! Director Taika Waititi decided not to color Goldblum blue because the actor already played a blue character in the 1988 film Earth Girls Are Easy.

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There's a lot more to The Grandmaster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than just the change in the character's color. Check out the video below for more facts you might not have realized about The Grandmaster.

It's unclear what role The Grandmaster will play in the MCU's future. However, there's some indication that he might team up with his brother: The Collector, played by Benicio Del Toro. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said that he wants to bring the two character together onscreen. If the two brothers get together, it's likely that we'll see even more Elders of the Universe in the future.

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The Grandmaster and The Collector appeared together in Brandon T. Snider's The Cosmic Quest Volume One: Beginning, which is considered canon. In that book, the two brothers reunite in a quest to gather the Infinity Stones in the aftermath of Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok.

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