VIDEO: This My Hero Academia Theory Is Bonkers

My Hero Academia is the hit anime taking the world by storm. There are a lot of fan theories swirling around the series, and we have one of our own: Dabi is Touya Todoroki.

There's a lot of evidence that seems to suggest that the villain is actually the son of Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor. In an attempt to create a hero more powerful than All Might, Enji married Rei so as to combine their powers, which is fairly common in the My Hero Academia universe. Enji was strict and ruthless when it came to training his children. His eldest son was Touya and, by the time the series rolls around, he's seemingly left the care of his father, though the circumstances of that departure are unknown.

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Check out the video below for our evidence as to why Dabi is actually Touya Todoroki.

One of the biggest indications that Dabi is actually Touya is the villain's fire quirk. Although it's not uncommon for heroes to possess similar quirks, it is important to note that quirks are hereditary, which means the two could be related. The two also manifest their fire in similar ways, which adds more evidence to the, er, fire.

However, the most compelling evidence comes from the manga, which recently revealed that Touya actually had greater strength than his father. Endeavor's flames are red, but Dabi's are blue, which are hotter and thus stronger. It was also revealed that Touya inherited Rei's weakness to fire, which means that using his ability might damage his body. That damage manifests itself in Dabi's stitched together appearance.

There's one seemingly major hole in this theory, which is that no one seems to recognize Dabi as Touya. However, Dabi's scars and strict parentage that kept him separate from other children could explain why no one seems to recognize him. As the manga and anime continue, there's a good chance that Dabi might just turn out to be Touya Todoroki.

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