VIDEO: This My Hero Academia Incident Left Us Completely Shook

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime/manga out right now, and the reason for that's pretty clear: The series is full of emotionally powerful moments that pair well with its intense action. We've compiled a list of the fifteen My Hero Academia moments that left us shook.

We're starting right from the very first episode of the series, which saw All Might asking Midoriya Izuku to be his successor. There are a lot of reasons this was so powerful. Firstly, the Quirkless Izuku was finally to fulfill his lifelong dream of helping people. Seeing Izuku's reaction to this was definitely heart warming. It also allowed fans to realize people could obtain Quirks in other ways, though those occasions are rare. Finally, All Might seeing Izuku as worthy of inheriting such a powerful ability in such a short time due to the strength of his character is absolutely an uplifting message.

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We're also going to talk about another one of Midoriya's best moments in the series: His fight with muscular. The battle was definitely epic, but it also gave Koji Koda -- who hated heroes following the deaths of his parents -- a reason to start believing in them again. Despite treating Izuku poorly when he arrived for training, Koda got to see the young hero give it his all in defending him, culminating in his final Detroit Smash, which was one of the coolest finishing moves in the entire series. The moment really showed who Midoriya is as a character, and just what he might be capable of doing with One For All.

Check out the video below for more incidents that left us shook, culminating in what was probably the best part of Season 3, if not the series up until this point.

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My Hero Academia Season 4 will start airing October 12.

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