VIDEO: Mondo Marvel Panel @ CCI

There's no doubt that the Mondo Marvel panel at Comic-Con International 2007 was one of those panels filled with surprise announcements, the biggest being the appearance of "Iron Man" film director Jon Favreau who announced, along with artist Adi Granov, they'd be working on an "Iron Man" comic together. Of course, you know all this as you've read our interview with Granov about the book and read all about the news in our panel report. Now we're giving those of you who weren't able to get out to San Diego this year a chance to watch the Mondo Marvel panel with all its pomp and circumstance from the comfort of your own home. See, this way you can enjoy the panel in the comfort of your PJs. Truth be told, you could probably get away with wearing your PJs to Comic-Con, but I don't know how comfortable -- or hygenic -- you'd be after a handful of panels and three hours spent on the con floor.

At any rate, here's video of the entire Mondo Marvel panel held at Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2007. Fair warning, it's a big download and an hour long, so settle in with a tall Cup O' Joe - wait a second - and enjoy.


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