VIDEO: Is Marvel's Thor Actually A Bad Guy?

Debuting in 1962's Journey into Mystery #83, Thor has been a pretty major player in the Marvel Universe for decades. It's not surprising that the God of Thunder was one of the first heroes to get a solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there's a lot about Thor's appearances in the MCU and the comics to suggest that he might actually be a bad guy.

Thor starts out his first film as, well, kind of a jerk. It's one of the driving forces behind his quest to regain the use of Mjolnir. However, regaining the hammer doesn't mean that Thor continues to make the best decisions, as he does some pretty questionable things throughout his different appearances in the MCU. Thor continues to have a fight first, ask questions later strategy in his appearances.

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Not all of Thor's actions are necessarily evil. Sometimes, he's just a bit of a jerk. Check out the video below for more reasons that Thor might actually be a pretty bad guy.

It's not just in the MCU that Thor does some pretty questionable things. There are also a lot of events in the comics that indicate that the God of Thunder might not be the best hero, although he does show remorse for his actions.

Thor survived the events of Infinity War, and it's unlikely that his desire for revenge against Thanos for the murder of his brother and people. However, he might not be the one to strike the killing blow against the Mad Titan, as there are many, many people who have legitimate grudges against the villain. Still, Endgame is going to be integral to both the character's future and that of the Asgardian people.

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