VIDEO: These MCU Heroes Have the Highest Kill Counts

Although they typically try not to, heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have definitely killed people during their adventures. Some characters have pretty low kill counts, but there are some who have killed a lot of people. We've compiled a list of the various the heroes who've taken the most lives in the MCU.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier has racked up a pretty insane body count during his time as the Winter Soldier. He even counts Tony Stark's parents among those he's killed. Although he's definitely changing his ways and it's hard to hold him too responsible for his actions considering the brainwashing he's undergone, that doesn't mean Bucky's hands are at all free from blood.

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Despite his relatively high kill count, Bucky pales in comparison to one hero: Thor, who is 1,500-years-old by the time Avengers: Infinity War rolls around. The Asgardian has shown he's no stranger to violence, as he restarts a war. His magic hammer has cracked a lot of skulls in its time. Although his exact body count isn't known, there are a lot of indications it's absolutely massive.

Check out the video below for more heroes who've wracked up absolutely insane kill counts. Also, we're not just talking about the movies with this one, as the various television shows are definitely fair game when it comes to this.

As the MCU goes forward, a lot of these heroes are likely to end up killing even more people, whether on purpose or by accident.

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