VIDEO: Lee, Ennis & Niles at MySpace Mystery Panel

MySpace Comic Books has posted video of comics superstars Jim Lee, Garth Ennis and Steve Niles taken at this year's New York Comic Con. The MySpace Mystery Panel was announced prior to the convention and promised to feature three of comics' biggest names in a small and intimate panel the likes of which those creators, due to their huge popularity, are not often seen. The Mystery Panelists were finally revealed to be Steve Niles, Jim Lee and Garth Ennis, who entertained fans with candid discussion and jokes about their own work, each others' work, industry politics and literally anything fans wished to talk about. The direct link to the video on MySpace can be found here, or you can just view the embedded video below.

For more on the MySpace Mystery Panel, including what Garth Ennis has to say today about Arseface inspiration Kurt Cobain, check out or in-depth coverage of the event.

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