VIDEO: Katana, Lois Feature in "Beware the Batman," "Tales of Metropolis" Clips

Cartoon Network has released new video clips and stills from its next DC Nation installment of "Beware the Batman," plus a look at the new short, "Tales of Metropolis: Lois Lane."

Introducing the prototype of his newest product to the world - the Ion Cortex, a device capable of solving the world's energy crisis - Bruce Wayne hires brilliant scientist Dr. Jason Burr (MATTHEW LILLARD) to work on the project.  The announcement also draws the attention of one of the most dangerous groups in the world - the League of Assassins.  When one of the League's deadly assassins, Silver Monkey (JAMES REMAR), attacks Wayne Manor to kidnap Burr while Batman's in Gotham, it's up to Alfred and Katana to keep the assassin at bay until Batman's return.  But Katana is armed and ready for the task - with her legendary Soultaker Sword, a weapon she stole from the infamous League of Assassins!

"Safe" airs Saturday, August 3 at 10:00 AM on Cartoon Network.

Intrepid reporter Lois Lane takes advantage of a rare appearance byBatman in Metropolis to nail down an exclusive interview with the mysterious and elusive Dark Knight.

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