Video, Images from "Thundercats: The Duelist and the Drifter"

Cartoon Network has released the following video clips and screencaps from Friday, September 9's all-new episode of "ThunderCats." Plus, check out CBR's interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui, the voice of Cheetara!

Official Synopsis

"The Duelist and The Drifter"

Airs Friday, September 9th  8:30/7:30c on Cartoon Network While traveling through a village built on swordsmanship, Lion-O's cockiness loses him the Sword of Omens to the Duelist, a villainous sword-collector. With the help of the listless Drifter, Lion-O must get it back.

"ThunderCats" © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. "ThunderCats" and all related characters  and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros.

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