VIDEO: These Heroes Need to Step Up in Avengers: Endgame

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The events of Avengers: Infinity War saw Thanos decimating not only the Avengers, but the entire universe. Avengers: Endgame will bring together the Marvel Cinematic Universe's surviving heroes in a fight to defeat the Mad Titan and reverse the events of the snap. However, there are ten characters that we think really need to step it up in Endgame.

We've also included five characters that we think need to take a backseat in the upcoming movie, especially after what they did during Infinity War. Although we think these characters are great, we just aren't as interested in seeing them in Endgame as we are some others.

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Check out the video below for our list of the characters who need to step it up in Endgame and those who need to take a backseat.

There's a good chance that at least one major character is going to meet their end during Endgame, with many thinking that Tony Stark/Iron Man and Steve Rogers/Captain America are the most likely candidates to die. This means that the MCU is going to need to establish its new flagship heroes are as quickly as possible following Endgame. Of course, we already know that there are going to be sequels to Black Panther and Doctor Strange, while Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the first film set after Endgame.

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Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Endgame stars Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Olsen, Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Benedict Wong, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie. The film arrives April 26.

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