VIDEO: Goku Was Never Able to Defeat THESE Dragon Ball Franchise Characters

In the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku is one of the mightiest fighters in any universe. The character is ridiculously powerful, and only gets more so as the series progresses. However, that doesn't mean he wins every battle, so we've made a video highlighting some of the times the Super Saiyan has bit off more than he could chew.

We're starting the list off with Vegeta, though it might prove a bit controversial. Goku does technically defeat Vegeta during the "Saiyan Saga," but he requires significant help from both Gohan, in his Great Ape form, and Yajirobe's sword. The two play a key role in helping Goku set up Krillin to be able to put the evil Saiyan down for good, though the former eventually convinces him not to. Goku and Vegeta have sparred and outright fought on numerous occasions since then, but there have been mitigating factors in those battles that have kept them from having a definitive winner. Goku has, thus, never actually beat Vegeta by himself and without serious aid. As they're now on much better terms, it seems unlikely they ever will have another major battle that really puts them to the test.

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Check out the video below for more Dragon Ball franchise characters Goku hasn't

Although Dragon Ball: Super has already finished its run in Japan, dub-watching fans are still in the process of seeing what the popular franchise still holds. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is helping tide fans over in the short-term, but it's unknown at this time just when the series will return with new episodes, or if it will adapt the current "Galactic Prisoner Saga" that's going on in the manga.

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