Power Pixels: 20 Astonishing Pieces Of Video Game/Superhero Crossover Fan Art

Superheroes, of course, appear in numerous video games. One of the biggest, most successful, most highly critically acclaimed video games in 2018 was Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man. In 2017, Injustice 2 won "Best Fighting Game" at the Game Awards, and Batman alone has had a number of incredibly successful video game adaptations. But, this isn't the only way superheroes can pop up in video games. After the release of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, the popular battle royal game Fortnite had a special Avengers: Infinity War event, which included a limited Thanos skin. And it is precisely this type of crossover that we're interested in today. Luckily for us, there are more than enough talented artists out there to satisfy our silly crossover needs.

It's always fun to see our favorite comic book characters put into new settings, the kind that we're not accustomed to seeing them in, and playing roles we'd never expect them to. Some of these fan mashups and crossovers are pretty hilarious and even bizarre in a way, but they are always entertaining. In fact, one could argue that the more outlandish and nonsensical the crossover is, the more interesting it is for us fans. We're glad to announce that in our search for the best video game/superhero crossover fan art we've managed to find a good number of totally surprising crossovers that will blow your mind. Without further ado, let's take a look at 20 of the most amazing video game/superhero crossover fan art pieces.

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iMizuri Fortnite Iron Man
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iMizuri Fortnite Iron Man

At the moment the free-to-play battle royal video game Fortnite is the most popular video game on Twitch and has over 200 million players worldwide. The game’s availability certainly plays an important role in its popularity. But Fortnite isn't just free, it's also available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android, and it supports cross-platform play.

The game gives you the option to customize your character with various skins. The Omega skin was a reward for players who reached Tier 100 with the Season 4 paid Battle Pass. iMizuri decided to give the Omega skin a paint job and turn it into an Iron Man armor.


chinqchucknorris League of Legends Avengers

Released in 2009, League of Legends (or LoL as it is commonly known) has been one of the most popular video games for years. The players, called “summoners”, control a “champion” with unique abilities and engage in battle against an opposing team of players. Inspired by Lovecraftian horror, and incorporating elements of steampunk and high fantasy, League of Legends has an interesting and appealing look.

Artist chinqchucknorris wanted to see what Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes would look like if they somehow ended up in the League of Legends Universe. And so, Iron Man became Blitzcrank, Hulk is Dr. Mundo, Captain America turned into Pantheon, Thor is Olaf, Black Widow became Katarina and Hawkeye transformed into Ashe.


Bosslogic Reaper Ghost Rider

Sometimes it really seems as if the creators of Overwatch were heavily inspired by Marvel Comics. There are certainly parallels to be drawn between some of the heroes who inhabit these two universes. The devilish Reaper is somewhat reminiscent of Marvel’s own devilish skull-faced anti-hero, Ghost Rider.

The two characters both seem to prefer black outfits that go unsurprisingly well with their skull-like faces. Most importantly, they both obviously evoke the aesthetic of the grim reaper. Bosslogic took these two long-lost brothers and combined them to create one awesome new character that we’re calling the Ghost Reaper. He rides a bike and shoots firey chains from his Hellfire Shotguns.


BehindtheVeil Smite Marvel Thor

In the MOBA game Smite, the players control a god, goddess, or another mythological figure and participate in a team-based match. The teams have to develop tactics, using their heroes’ various abilities, in order to destroy the opposing team’s Phoenixes and the giant warrior Titan.

Smite has various Pantheons from which you can choose your hero. One of the heroes found in the Norse Pantheon is, of course, the God of Thunder. Artist BehindtheVeil thought Smite’s Thor and the MCU Thor ought to meet. Looks like they’re about the settle the dispute over who’s the ultimate Thor. Who do you think wins?


Jhon Bren Samolde Quicksilver Overwatch Tracer

The face of Overwatch, the cheerful and delightful Tracer, has the ability to “blink” through space and rewind her own time. She’s not a speedster, but she is quite fast. Marvel’s Quicksilver, on the other hand, is one of the many heroes who possesses superspeed. Though, if this here is supposed to be the MCU version of the character, he’s apparently not faster than a speeding bullet.

Artist Jhon Bren Samolde thought Tracer and Quicksilver would have a great time engaging in some friendly competition. And here they are running side by side, looking like they’re having the time of their lives.

15 CYCLOPS: 76

Boosslogic Cyclops Soldier 76

Jack Morrison, aka Soldier: 76, used to serve as the Strike Commander at Overwatch prior to its fall from grace. Soldier: 76 led his team numerous peacekeeping missions and earned the respect of his fellow Overwatch agents. All that, plus his face mask, kind of make Soldier: 76 Overwatch’s take on Marvel’s Cyclops.

One doesn’t need to look too hard to see the physical similarities between the two visor-wearing heroes. As part of his Overwatch x Marvel crossover series, the well-known artist Bosslogic designed this amazing mashup character. We’re just gonna dub this guy Cyclops: 76, the leader of X-Watch.


cinemadness Superman Witcher

Based on the novel series of the same name by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher takes place in a medieval fantasy world and follows Geralt of Rivia -- a traveling monster hunter with supernatural powers. After three video game adaptations, The Witcher is now getting a television adaptation as well.

The Netflix Original series has begun production with Henry Cavill playing Geralt. Henry Cavill is best known for his portrayal of Superman in the Worlds of DC. Artist William Richardson wanted to see what would happen if these two characters ever ran into each other. Apparently, Geralt had no idea who he was dealing with.


Bosslogic Thanos Doomfist

The Mad Titan Thanos sure grew in popularity with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The big purple guy was essentially the “hero” of the story, with the most screen time, character development, and an actual victory at the end. Thanos became such a popular character that he immediately started appearing in memes, fan art, and various other fan creations.

While a Thanos skin was available in Fortnite, the Titan never "visited" Overwatch. But, if Blizzard ever did make a Thanos skin available, we’re positive that they’d give it Doomfist because -- well, is there even a need for an explanation? Just look at how amazing Bosslogic’s fan art is.


David Bell Diddy Kong Hulk

Diddy Kong is a character who appears in Donkey Kong and Mario video games. The young monkey from Donkey Kong Island and he’s the sidekick and best friend of Donkey Kong. Since his introduction, Diddy Kong has developed a loyal following and even got his own spin-off.

Artist David Bell did some cool Marvel mashups, including this awesome re-imagining of Diddy Kong as the Incredible Hulk. His fan art depicts Diddy Banner’s transformation into the Incredible Kong. An unexpected crossover most definitely, but not an unwelcome one. We love that he kept the little red tie even as “the Hulk”.


Ariel Flores Halo Thanos

Marvel’s biggest film yet, Avengers: Infinity War, had a tremendous impact on pop culture, far beyond anyone’s expectations. Not only did the movie inspire loads upon loads of fan-generated content and hilarious memes, but it also infiltrated other films, TV shows, and video games. For a while, a Thanos skin was available in the insanely popular Fortnite.

The Mad Titan didn’t make an appearance in the Halo franchise, but that certainly didn’t stop artists from letting their imagination run wild. Here, Ariel Flores imagined Thanos fighting Halo’s Spartans. Evidently, the super soldiers were no match for the Perpendicular Grape in Need of Chapstick and a Heart.


Vincentius Matthew Assassin's Creed Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is probably the last Avenger you’d imagine crossing over to the Assassin’s Creed Universe. A huge green monster isn’t quite up Assassin’s Creed’s alley. Yet, somehow, Vincentius Matthew made it work. Featured above is his take on Bruce Banner in the fictional history of the never-ending battle between Assassins and Templars.

According to the artist, he based this design on the brawler type of Assassin from the third major installment in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The green vials attached to Hulk's belt contain a power-up serum that makes him hard to kill. We have to say, above all, we’re loving the wardrobe upgrade.


Bosslogic Zarya Captain Marvel

The former weightlifting athlete Aleksandra Zaryanova is one of the strongest women in the world, which is more or less evident from her appearance alone. The 6’5’’ tall, muscular Zarya looks like she could drop you like a bag of dirt with a single punch (and she probably could).

The pink-haired hero sports a similar haircut as Marvel’s Carol Danvers, which probably inspired Bosslogic to create a mashup of the two characters. The artist gave Zarya’s armor a Captain Marvel makeover and dyed her pink mohawk blonde turning the Russian weightlifter into one of Marvel’s strongest heroes.


Bosslogic Genji Iron Man

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming from a mile away. The Overwatch hero Genji was once a regular man. However, after nearly dying at the hand of his brother, Genji had to go through the process of extensive cyberization in order to survive. As a result, he looks more like a robot than a human being.

But Genji’s cybernetic body does have a pretty sleek and aesthetic design. Bosslogic thought Genji’s cool cybernetics would make a fine Iron Man armor and he wasn’t wrong. The Iron Genji looks insanely cool. Perhaps Blizzard should consider making this a skin.


ZedEdge Mass Effect Guardians of the Galaxy

Mass Effect is a popular sci-fi video game developed by BioWare. The original trilogy follows a soldier named Commander Shepard who is on a mission to save the galaxy from a race of powerful mechanical beings called Reapers. When ZedEdge was challenged to do a crossover between sci-fi and sci-fi, he picked Mass Effect and Guardians of the Galaxy because of the similarities he found between the two.

In order to make these similarities more pronounced the artist tweaked Star-Lord’s usual attire with some fitting Mass Effect features. The new suit is a good match for Star-Lord’s helmet, and the Quad Blasters and the Milano are in perfect harmony.


Stefan Bogdasarov World of Warcraft Batman

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that features heroes from various Blizzard franchises including Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, The Lost Vikings, and Overwatch. Set in a trans-dimensional storm, a limbo of clashing universes called the Nexus, Heroes of the Storm is where worlds collide.

One of the heroes you can play is Garrosh, a vicious orc warrior who rules with an iron fist. Featured above is a crossover between Garrosh and Gotham’s Dark Knight created by Stefan Bogdasarov. The mashup was a gift for Stefan’s friend who is a big fan of both of these heroes.


Vincentius Matthew Assassin's Creed Black Widow

In 2018, Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Set in 431 BCE Greece, the game tells the fictional history of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. For the first time, the players can choose to play as either Kassandra or Alexios as they attempt to unite their family and uncover an evil cult.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been around since 2007 and currently stands at eleven major installments. With a loyal following, lots of artists have decided paid tribute to the franchise with awesome fan art. Featured above is Vincentius Matthew’s Assassin Widow -- a crossover between the Assassins and Marvel’s Black Widow. Given that Natasha is a spy, and very stealthy, this mashup makes a lot of sense.


ZedEdge Team Fortress 2 Big Hero 6

In Team Fortress 2, players join one of two teams -- Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU) -- which are comprised of nine characters from different classes, and battle in a variety of game modes. The characters brandish some pretty lethal weapons, which, according to the artist of the above-featured fan art, was the biggest challenge when re-designing them as comic book heroes.

ZedEdge opted for an unusual crossover between Team Fortress 2 and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 but managed to pull it off. This fantastic crossover is part of ZedEdge’s Franchise Remix series which contains tons of other sick mashups you need to see.


Zinrius Undertale Captain America

Here’s another unexpected crossover. In Zinrius’ awesome fan art the Marvel Universe clashes with the Undertale universe and we see Captain America battling Undyne. Undertale is an extremely popular indie game where you control a child who has fallen into the Underground and meets various monsters on his way to return to the surface.

One of the characters you encounter is Undyne, the head of the Royal Guard, a fish-like monster who wants to use the human to obtain the last of seven souls needed to free all the monsters trapped in the Underground. Well, if Captain America can’t thwart Undyne’s plans we don’t know who can.


Raphael Michael Red Dead Redemtion II Spider-Man

2018 was a great year for gaming and gamers. With contenders like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, God of War, Spider-Man, and of course, Red Dead Redemption II picking Game of the Year at the 2018 Game Awards wasn't an easy task.

Raphael Michael wanted to pay tribute to two best game nominees with an incredibly cool crossover fan art. The artist combined Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man and Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption II. So, here’s what Peter Parker and his sweetheart Gwen Stacey would look like if they somehow ended up in the Wild West universe of Red Dead Redemption II.


David Bell Legend of Zelda Link Captain America Winter Soldier

One of the best-selling games on the Wii U, Hyrule Warriors is part of both Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series. But one layer of crossover just isn’t enough, so David Bell decided to add a second layer. This creative artist managed to merge the Marvel universe with the Hyrule Warriors universe in the best way possible.

David took Captain America and the Winter Soldier and placed them in Hyrule Warriors. The Marvel heroes got a complete makeover, with Captain America assuming the role of Link and Winter Soldier taking on the part of Dark Link.

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