Video Essay Examines Marvel's Color Grading Problem

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought iconic characters and stories to life, but has it ever looked a little lifeless to you?

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You're not alone. Youtuber Patrick (H) Willems has posted a video essay examining Marvel's color scheme, or lackethereof. Willems explains what's known as color grading -- basically, the digital treatment of an image's color in post-production. The video essay can be appreciated by the film nerd and layman alike. Watch the nifty breakdown below.

Willems himself admits that the MCU does a lot of things right. In terms of cinematic universes, it's arguably the most cohesive, but with that cohesiveness inevitably comes some sameness. Along with what some may call generic scores, Marvel color grading, ironically, makes their films decidedly less vibrant than their comic book counterparts. The result? A pale green Hulk, a dark grey Black Widow, and flatter images.

Willems also notes that for all of its cinematic problems, DC films like "Batman V. Superman" nail its coloring. Now, before you grab your pitchforks, take into account Willems' genuine veneration for comics as a medium. His knowledge in this video alone demonstrates as much -- but if you're still skeptical, look no further than one of his most viral videos: "What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?"

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