VIDEO: Dragon Ball Super: Broly's Biggest Revelations

After having made his first appearance in 1993's Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Super: Broly finally brought the titular Legendary Super Saiyan into the Dragon Ball franchise's canon. However, that's not the only important way that the newest film -- and possibly best -- Dragon Ball film added to Akira Toriyama's series.

The movie revealed some new facts about Vegeta's lineage and the history of Planet Vegeta, many of which help to flesh out the universe even more clearly. Dragon Ball Super: Broly also answered a long standing question about why was Frieza in charge of his empire and not King Cold. Well, the answer to that one ended up being quite simple: King Cold retired.

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There's also a ton of brand new attacks that made their way into the film, which could play a role in the franchise's future. Check out the video below for more things we learned from Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly are going to prove incredibly important to the anime series and manga as the two proceed. Although it's unknown if Broly will return in the future, the Legendary Super Saiyan did survive the events of the film, so it's entirely possible that he might return in the future, especially if there are any more tournaments to be held between universes.

There are a lot of ways Broly might play a role in the future of the franchise, especially considering that Beerus asked Freiza to destroy Planet Vegeta due to the former's dislike of King Vegeta. The Legendary Super Saiyan might just face off against the God of Destruction and, considering how powerful he is, he might just put up one heck of a fight.

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