VIDEO: Times Dragon Ball's Gohan Was Actually a Pretty Bad Guy

Goku's son Gohan is one of the greatest heroes of the Dragon Ball franchise, having played a key role in many of the series' biggest battles and even taking down Cell during that villain's saga. Although he's definitely on the side of good and often one of the nicest guys in the Dragon Ball universe, there have been times where Gohan has done somethings that are, well, questionable. In a new exclusive video, we've compiled a list of ten such times.

We're opening the list with Dragon Ball Super, when a hostage situation develops with Trunks, Mai, Shu and Pilaf during a party. Gohan springs into action, donning his Great Saiyaman costume. He then encourages Mai to shoot at him. She empties the gun into him, and he easily bats away the bullets. However, Gohan must have forgotten about ricochets, because one of the bullets hits the pregnant Videl in the leg. Adding insult to injury, Master Roshi offers to give her mouth-to-mouth in order to help. This happens because Gohan hit the party punch just a little too hard.

There are a lot more times that Gohan was actually a pretty bad guy in the Dragon Ball franchise. You can hear about them in the video below.

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Although Dragon Ball Super has finished its run, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is helping tide fans over in the short-term, but it's unknown at this time just when the series will return with new episodes, or if it will adapt the current "Galactic Prisoner Saga" that's going on in the manga. Still, the franchise seems unlikely to stay gone for long, as it's remained one of the most popular media properties in the world for decades.

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