VIDEO: The Dragon Ball Franchise's Most Important Techniques

The Dragon Ball franchise features a lot of incredibly powerful techniques, many of which have played important roles in the series' biggest fights. However, considering how many decades Dragon Ball has been around, there's a lot to keep track of. We've compiled a list of all the main techniques you have to know, and we're going in-depth with them.

We're starting the list off with the most basic part of fighting: physical abilities. We're going to look at martial arts and the various stats a warrior develops overtime. There are a lot of martial arts in the Dragon Ball universe. However, most fighters tend to develop their own style, basing them on principles common to many martial arts. Technical skill in those martial arts isn't really that much of an issue, as Dragon Ball tends to focus more on power. Ki eventually became a major part of the equation, as it plays a key role in a lot of the different abilities characters have. All of this is the foundation for techniques that are much more impressive and awe-inspiring.

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Check out the video below for explanations about even more techniques from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Although Dragon Ball: Super has already finished its run in Japan, dub-watching fans are still in the process of seeing what the popular franchise still holds. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is helping tide fans over in the short-term, but it's unknown at this time just when the series will return with new episodes. Still, characters are likely to keep changing as the series progresses and as we find out what happens next.

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Newly translated episodes of Dragon Ball Super air on Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim.

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