VIDEO: The Dragon Ball Franchise's Biggest Character Changes

The Dragon Ball franchise has been running for a very long time. However, one of the more compelling aspects of the series that has made it so beloved is the changes its characters have undergone over the years. We've compiled a list of the fifteen characters who've changed over the years, looking back as far as the original Dragon Ball and as far forward as Dragon Ball Super, which has introduced a ton of changes.

We're starting this list off with Vegeta, who is probably the most famous example of a villain turning into a hero over the course of an anime. Starting out as a conqueror, Vegeta's worst impulses have subsided, and over the years he's proved himself a hero. He's still competitive when it comes to Goku, but he's firmly on the side of good at this point, and he's even gone on to have a family with Bulma, which he cares about and wants to protect. He's put himself in harm's way on numerous occasions in order to protect Earth. He's a great example of what makes the franchise great: Evil characters can change.

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Check out the video below for more major character changes in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Although Dragon Ball: Super has already finished its run in Japan, dub-watching fans are still in the process of seeing what the popular franchise still holds. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is helping tide fans over in the short-term, but it's unknown at this time just when the series will return with new episodes. Still, characters are likely to keep changing as the series progresses and as we find out what happens next.

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